Disappearing Tbilisi

Tbilisi is full of buildings that are so ruined that quite soon they may be either vanished away completely by time and nature, or restored, repaired or rebuilt, which sometimes is even worse. That is why I want to capture these objects in their fragile and transitory state. Half destroyed, decayed, abandoned structures, what makes them even more beautiful, more unique and more interesting.


Karmir Avetaran Church



Mognisi St. George Church


Residential house on Armazi street


A residential building on Giorgi Leonidze st.


Vakhtang Koteishvili st.


An interior of a building on Paolo Iashvili st.


Pavle Ingorokva st.


Mikheil Javakhishvili st.


The bell-tower of Vank Cathedral, demolished in 1930s. Atoneli st.


Kindergarten on Vukol Beridze st.


Tado church at the intersection of Aghmashenebeli and Mazniashvili st.



A house where the great russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky was living in the late XIX century. Georgi Leonidze st.


  1. I love your shots of Tbilisi! It’s so true that many of the city’s buildings feel like they could fall down around you at any moment. If you’re interested, I have two new posts about the area – one is about Tbilisi and the other is about day trips through the surrounding region. I’d love your thoughts!


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