Melting Pot

They live in Tashkent. They inherit several different ethnicities and cultures. They are mixed people. The plain list of ethnicities reflects, in it’s own way, the complex and turbulent history of the city. The numerous waves of migrations, invasions, evacuations, deportations, echoes of the Great Silk Road, and, sometimes, just private stories of their adventurous ancestors.


Jew, Korean, Russian, Tatar, Sikh
Tajik, Korean
MAS_MP05_DSC4599-2 (1)
Jew, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Pole
Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Kalmyk
Korean, Ossetian
Kazakh, Jew, Byelorussian, Russian
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Ukrainian, Moldavian, Korean
Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Korean
Mordovan, Russian, Tatar, Uzbek, Pole, Kyrgyz
_DSC1491 (1)-2
Russian, Uzbek
Tajik, Uzbek, Afghan, Persian
DSC_0986-2 (1)
Uzbek, Tatar, Russian, Ukrainian
Russian, Syrian Arab, Kurd, French
_DSC7070 (1)-1
Russian, Chinese, Don Cossack
MAS_MP09_DSC2805 (1)
Jew, Russian, Don Cossack
Uzbek, Tatar
Tatar, Ukrainian
Korean, Russian, Jew, Mordovan
Uzbek, Azeri, Uigur, Jew, Russian, Tatar
474A3325 (1)-1-2
Vietnamese, French
Byelorussian, Buryat, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Nanai, Russian, Guran
Russian, Tatar, Azeri, Ukrainian, Pole, Georgian
Ukrainian, Tatar
DSC_9498 (1)
Russian, Azeri, Georgian, Jew, German

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